How will I know that my booking id definite?

When you book me, I will produce a booking form signed by both parties. This is a biding contract that shows my commitment to your event. It also gives us opportunity to check that the details, such as date, timing and venue are correct.

Do you require a booking deposit?

Yes, in order to secure your booking we require a deposit of (£70 depending on your disco package). You may pay the booking deposit by either check or bank transfer. 

What kind of music do you play?

(This is the common question) My music collection spans the decades, encapsulating the finest musical moments from Rock & Roll years, from the 50s right up to the current chart hits. I am confident that I have something for everyone, even the most eclectic tastes. 

Can I give you a list of tracks I would like to be played on the night?

Yes, you can give me a list of 20 tracks to help your night go with a swing. I discuss, in depth, your music choices and promise to play them. in addition, I make a note of any music you defiantly don't want.

What will you wear?

I believe it is important for me to dress appropriately for the occasion and your general dress code. if it is a wedding, you can be assured that I will be very smartly dresses with shirt and tie. 

Do you carry back up equipment?

I use high quality, regularly serviced equipment and always carry back up equipment just in case. 

What will happen if you are ill on the day? 

As a member of AMPdj, I have their support and back up and access to the largest database of DJs in the UK. Currently I have 100% reliability record, but you never know what is round the corner and I believe in having a plan b for all eventualities. 

If my venue says my DJ needs to have Public Liability Insurance, do I have to get it for you?

Defiantly not! I already have £10 million PLI which I am more than happy to forward on to your venue.